19- Mary Mother of Jesus / Maryam:

In God’s Name, whose Mercy is Great and Continuous:

(19:1-2) Pay attention to Prophet Zachariah’s story. I sent him to his people as a religious leader out of My Mercy.

(19:3)   Then He called to Me privately:

(19:4)   “Oh My Lord, my bones are feeble and my hair has turned silver. Oh My Lord, I have become very old, and I have never been let down when I called to You before.

(19:5)   I am afraid of what my relatives will do after I am no longer living, and my wife cannot have any children.  Please give me an heir

(19:6)   to take from Me and the family of Jacob our knowledge and understanding. Oh My Lord, make him a good person.”

(19:7)   Through My angels I answered, “Oh Zachariah, I am giving you a son. His name will be John, and he will be a uniquely great person.”

(19:8)   He said, “How can this happen when my wife cannot have children, and I am too weak from aging?”

(19:9)   I answered, “It will happen. It is easy for Me. I created you before when you were nothing.”

(19:10) He said, “Give me a sign to know when it has happened.” “When your wife is pregnant, for three days and nights you will be prevented from speaking.”

(19:11) When he realized he was prevented from talking, Zachariah emerged from his prayer room and motioned to his people to pray in the morning and evening.

(19:12) Later, I called to John saying, “Take My book and laws and implement them consistently.” And from a young age, I gave him insight to act wisely.

(19:13) I filled his heart with mercy and purity. He was always afraid of disobeying Me.

(19:14) He was good to his parents and never acted arrogant or disobediently.

(19:15) He had peace on the day he was born and on the day he passed away. On the day he is brought back to life, he will have peace for all eternity.

(19:16) When you read the Quran, remember the story of Mary. From her family, she secluded herself in a place to the East to pray to Me.

(19:17) She placed between her and them a wall of separation. Then I sent to her Angel Gabriel looking like a beautiful person.

(19:18) When she saw him she said, “In God’s great mercy, I seek His protection. Fear His punishment, if you have evil intentions.”

(19:19) He said, “God sent me to give you the news that a pure son you will carry.”

(19:20) She said, “How can I have a son when I have kept myself pure and in marriage no man has touched me?”

(19:21) He responded, “It will happen. Your Lord says ‘It is easy for Me. I will make him a sign of My power for people and a mercy from Me. This has been decided. It is your destiny.’”

(19:22) So she became pregnant and went far away where no one would see.

(19:23) The labor pain drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. In her anguish she cried, “I wish before this I had died. I wish I had been something worthless, discarded, and forgotten; this is my wish deep inside.”

(19:24) Then from under her the newborn called to her, “Oh Mother, do not cry. God has given you a small stream nearby.

(19:25) Push on the palm tree to get dates to drop for you ripe and tasty.

(19:26) Then eat and drink and don’t be upset or worry. If you see anyone say: I am not talking to anyone out of thanks for God’s mercy today.

(19:27) Then she carried him to her family. They said, “You have done something terrible and for you, extraordinary.

(19:28) We thought you were like Prophet Aaron in piety. Your father was not a bad person, and your mother is known for her purity.”

(19:29) She pointed to him silently. They said, “How can we talk to a newborn baby?”

(19:30) Then Jesus spoke saying, “I worship God only. He will give me His book, make me His messenger,

(19:31) and everywhere I go make me a blessing to humanity. As long as I live, God commanded me to pray and to do acts of charity.

(19:32) I will be good to my mother Mary, and God will protect me from ever acting arrogant or disobediently.

(19:33) I had peace on my birth day, and I will have peace on the day I pass away. And I will have peace on the day I am brought back to life for all eternity.”

(19:34) They dispute and argue, but this is the true story of Jesus son of Mary.

(19:35) All glory belongs to Me. It is beneath Me to have children. When I decide something, I command and it happens.

(19:36) And Jesus said, “God is my Lord and your Lord so worship Him. This is the true path to salvation.”

(19:37) The various sects disputed, and those who reject the truth should fear what they will see on the Day of Resurrection.

(19:38) How well they will hear and see on the day they come to Me, but today they are unjust to Me and following the wrong path clearly.

(19:39) So deliver My warning. They are misguided and don’t realize what is coming. On that day, they will be full of regret, but the matter will be done.

(19:40) I will inherit the earth and everyone. On the Day of Judgment, to Me they will come.

(19:41) When you read the Quran, remember Abraham. He was a truthful messenger

(19:42) when he spoke to his father, “Oh my father, why do you worship idols that do not hear or see and cannot help you what so ever?

(19:43) Oh father, I have knowledge of the truth that was not given to you. So follow me and I will guide you.

(19:44) Oh father, do not obey the devil. He was very disobedient to God the Most Merciful.

(19:45) Oh father, I fear that God, who has been so merciful with you, will soon punish you. If you obey and side with the devil, God will not be merciful.”

(19:46) His father responded, “Oh Abraham, are you turning away from my idols? How could you?! If you continue, I will stone you. Get away from me. I don’t want to see you.”

(19:47) He answered, “Goodbye, and may peace come to you. God has been very kind to me, so I pray He forgives you.

(19:48) I will stay away from you and whom, instead of the one true God, you are worshiping and obeying. To my Lord alone, I will continue praying. I hope God will give me what I am asking.”

(19:49-50) When he moved away from his family and the idols they were worshiping blindly, I gave him Isaac and Jacob, a blessing from Me. Then I gave them from My mercy: I made them each a messenger and made them known for living honorably.

(19:51) When you read the Quran, remember Moses. He worshiped Me sincerely. He was sent as a Messenger to deliver My law, message and warning.

(19:52) I called him to the right side of Sinai Mountain. I brought him close, so he would hear Me talking.

(19:53) And from My mercy, I selected Aaron his brother as a messenger to help him.

(19:54) And when you read the Quran, remember Ishmael was truthful with his promises and delivered my message and law completely.

(19:55) He would regularly tell his family to pray and give charity. With him I am very happy.

(19:56) And when you read the Quran, remember Idris was a truthful messenger.

(19:57) I raised him to a place of high honors.

(19:58) Those are some of the stories of the children of Adam, the children of those saved with Noah, and the children of Abraham and Israel whom I blessed as messengers. Whomever I guide and choose, when My message of mercy is recited to them they prostrate to Me crying.

(19:59) Then after them come people who lose their prayers and choose their whims as guidance for following. They will have a bad ending.

(19:60) Except those who repent, believe the truth, and do good deeds. They will have Heaven. They will be treated fairly and rewarded for all the good they are doing. 

(19:61) Heaven with no ending. This is the promise I will be fulfilling. It is My promise to give you from My mercy. It is for those who obeyed and worshiped sincerely, even though they didn’t see Me.

(19:62) In it you will not hear insults or rude remarks, only peace and friendly talk. In it you will receive good things continuously.

(19:63) This is Heaven which will be inherited by those who fear disobeying Me.

(19:64) Oh Angel Gabriel, say, “I come with this message only with permission from your Lord. The past and the future and everything in between He knows and owns. Forgetting is not something He does.

(19:65) He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between, so obey Him. And be strong and patient in worshiping Him. Do you know of another like Him?”

(19:66) People say disbelieving, “Will we really be brought back to life after we are dead and decaying?”

(19:67) Don’t they know I created them before out of nothing?

(19:68) I swear, I will gather all of you and your devils together to Hell’s edge on your knees.

(19:69) Then from every sect and group I will gather the leaders who were the worst disbelievers: Those who rejected My mercy and fought to stop people from submitting to Me.

(19:70) Into Hell, I know who are the first to be thrown in.

(19:71) Everyone will have to cross the bridge over Hell. This will definitely happen.

(19:72) Those who lived their lives afraid of disobeying will cross it. I will let the evil people fall into it. It will break their spirits. They will never get out of it.

(19:73) When My clear message and warning is recited, they reject it. They say, “Our side has more money, and we have high status and position.”

(19:74) How many people have I destroyed that wore better clothes and had a bigger wealth collection?

(19:75) Respond saying, “Everything you have is from God’s mercy, but if you are with misguidance happy, then may God give you in this life plenty. A promised day is coming when you will see either God’s punishment in this life or the Day of Resurrection. Then you will know which side is weaker and in a worse position.

(19:76) May God bless those who submit to Him with more guidance and direction.” Good deeds last and with Me are more rewarding. 

(19:77) Did you see the person who rejects My warning? He claims he will receive more money and children on the Day of Resurrection.

(19:78) Does he have knowledge of the unseen or a promise from Me after he responded to My mercy with repulsion?

(19:79) No he doesn’t, and everything he says is written.  I will give him a severe retribution.

(19:80) He will receive the bitter fruits of his disobeying and will come to Me alone with no one to help him.

(19:81) And they take false gods to call upon for intercession?

(19:82) No. On the Day of Judgment those taken as false gods will reject it and be against them.

(19:83) Don’t you see that I allow the devils to inspire and direct those who reject My protection?

(19:84) Be patient and understanding. The time they have left is steadily reducing.

(19:85) To receive My mercy, on the Day of Judgment, those who are afraid of disobeying Me will be collected together.

(19:86) And those who reject My warning will be driven to the fire like wild animals driven to water.

(19:87) On that day, aside from those who received a prior promise from Me, there will be no intercession for anyone.

(19:88) And some say I have a son?!

(19:89) They have made up something astonishing.

(19:90) From this statement, the sky and the earth are on the verge of tearing apart and the mountains are on the verge of collapsing.

(19:91) How could they say that I have a son?

(19:92) Why would I need a son?

(19:93) Everyone in the heavens and on the earth will come to Me in a state of submission.

(19:94) I know their number and count them one by one.

(19:95) On the Day of Judgment, everyone will stand alone in front of Me with no one to help them.

(19:96) Those who believe and do good deeds, from My mercy, I will make My creation love them.

(19:97) I have made this message easy for you. So deliver the good news to those who fear disobeying and deliver to those who love to argue My warning:

(19:98) How many people have I destroyed before? Is there anyone left arguing from them anymore?

Chapter Notes:

Verse 1: This chapter, like a few other chapters of the Quran, begins with a series of flowing Arabic letters. Many interpretations have been given for these letters. Some early Quran scholars interpreted these letters as abbreviations. Some interpreted them to mean that God was swearing by the letters of the Arabic alphabet to show their importance for writing and their basis for forming the Quran. Others refrained from saying anything about them and saying only God knows the meaning. From that approach, it is as if the letters are saying “This book is from God and only God knows all of its secrets.” The simplest explanation is to remember that the Quran was revealed in the language of the Arabs fourteen hundred years ago. While they frequently had poetry competitions, it was unknown in their literature to begin a text with flowing individual letters like this. To them, listening to the flowing individual letters would have had the effect of attracting their attention to something new they had never heard before. So it was a beautiful way of saying “pay attention and listen to what is coming next.” It is also possible that the letters are there simply for their melodic quality. Because it is impossible to replicate every aspect of the Quran, a choice was made with this chapter on the shade of meaning to highlight with this verse. Other chapters that begin with similar letters may highlight a different possible explanation as we have just discussed.

Verses 7-11: In these verses, the Arabic is not definitively clear whether it is God speaking directly, or through Angel Gabriel or through a group of angels. The lack of clarity is another way of saying that the distinction does not matter. All the angels must and will deliver the message of God perfectly and completely even though this responsibility is usually carried out by Angel Gabriel.

Verse 88: In this verse, God refers to Himself as “The Greatly Merciful.” This adds another layer of indignation to the verse as if to say, “And despite the clear guidance sent from My mercy, some say I have a son?!”

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