96-The Clot / Al-Alaq:

In God’s Name, whose Mercy is Great and Continuous:

(96:1)   Recite and Read in My name the creator of everything.

(96:2)   I created you from something that looks like a clot of blood clinging.

(96:3)   Recite! I am generous and forgiving.

(96:4)   I taught mankind how to use the pen for writing,

(96:5)   and so I convey My knowledge to people to improve their thinking.

(96:6)   But, people are extremely ungrateful and disobedient,

(96:7)   because they see themselves as self sufficient,

(96:8)   when they will return to Me on the Day of Judgment.

(96:9)   Did you see the tyrant preventing,

(96:10) My servant from praying?

(96:11) My servant who was following My message,

(96:12) and telling people to be afraid of disobeying.

(96:13) How dare he say My message is a lie and turn away running?

(96:14) Doesn’t he know that I am watching?

(96:15) If he doesn’t stop, he will be dragged by his forehead,

(96:16) a lying sinful forehead.

(96:17) Let him call whomever he wants to help him.

(96:18) I will call the guards of Hell to get them.

(96:19) So continue to pray and get closer to Me, and do not listen to him.


Verse 9&10: These verses was revealed referring to one of the leaders of Makkah named Abu Jahal who lead the religious persecution of the early Muslims. He was also very abusive to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So the primary understanding of these verses is, “Did you see Abu Jahal preventing, My servant Muhammad from praying?” However, God did not mention either by name. So you can read into this chapter the name of any tyrant who is oppressing people for worshiping God and any person or group who are being oppressed. God is threatening them to stop or in the end, they will be punished severely.

Verse 10: The word used in this verse is sometimes translated “servant” and sometimes “slave.” The English term “slave” usually refers to someone who is unwillingly trapped under another’s authority. This is not what is meant here. The Arabic verse coveys both the idea of willing service and ownership. In other words, oppressing and hurting those who serve God is a direct assault on God because His people belong to Him.

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