67-God's Kingdom / Al-Mulk:

In God’s Name, whose Mercy is Great and Continuous:

(67:1)   I am very giving and forever living. I have all of creation in My hand, and I can do anything.

(67:2)   I created life and death to test how good you are. I have the power to punish you, and I am very forgiving.

(67:3)   I created the universe and layered over it six other heavens. Out of My mercy, I created nature balanced. Look again. Do you see any imperfections?

(67:4) Look again and again to find something wrong with My creation. You will return worn out in a state of humiliation.

(67:5)   I decorated the sky with stars and made them a sign of clear evidence of my power to throw at the devils that spread confusion. I have prepared for them a fiery retribution.

(67:6)   Those who reject My guidance will have the punishment of Hell. What a terrible place to spend eternity. 

(67:7)   As they are thrown in, they will hear it breathe deeply as it blazes with fury.

(67:8)   It will be on the verge of tearing itself to pieces from its furious anger, boiling in rage at those who rejected My messengers. When a group is thrown in, the guards will be asking, “Didn’t you get a messenger with a warning?”

(67:9)   They will say, “Yes someone came with a warning and we said God didn’t send anything. We said to them, ‘You are lying and clearly misguided.’

(67:10) If only we had listened or thought about it, we would not be sharing a fiery torment.”

(67:11) They confess themselves guilty. Now take them away to the depths where they will never see My mercy.

(67:12) Those who fear My punishment when no one is watching, will be forgiven and find it very rewarding.

(67:13) So whisper or talk loudly, it does not matter to Me. In your hearts, I know what you are hiding.

(67:14) I know you because I created you. You cannot hide anything from Me, and I know the true reality of everything. 

(67:15) I made the earth smooth for you, so go explore and benefit from it. In the end, you will return to Me on the Day of Judgment.

(67:16) Why are you so sure that I will not make the earth swallow you? Don’t I have the power to make the ground start shaking?

(67:17) Why are you so sure that I will not rain rocks on you? When you see your punishment you will know the truth of this warning.

(67:18) What did I do to those before you who insisted on rejecting and sinning?

(67:19) Don’t you see the birds above you flying? They are held up only by My mercy; I see and take care of everything.

(67:20) If I denied you My mercy, what army will offer you protection? Those who reject this warning are in a state of delusion.

(67:21) Who will send you blessings like food and water if I stopped giving? But all they do is stubbornly turn from the truth running.

(67:22) Is the person who blindly walks around falling on his face better that the person who accepts My guidance and walks the straight path with My protection?

(67:23) Tell them: God created you and gave you ears, eyes, and hearts, but you do not use them to reflect on His message in quiet contemplation.

(67:24) Tell them: God spread you out on the earth and will gather you again on the Day of Resurrection.

(67:25) They say, “If you are telling the truth, then when will this be happening?”

(67:26) Tell them: Only God knows, and I am just delivering the warning.

(67:27) When they see it, their faces will darken, and it will be said to them, “This is what you were wanting.”

(67:28) Tell them: If I and those who are with me die, or God is merciful with us and lets us live, it does not change what will happen. Other than His mercy to protect you from a painful punishment, there is nothing.

(67:29) Tell them: We believe in God and rely on His great mercy. You will know which one of us is misguided, and that day is coming.

(67:30) Tell them: What if your water sinks into the earth, who will send you flowing water for drinking? You too rely on God’s mercy. So believe and follow this message, or you will be denied His mercy on the Day of Resurrection.

Chapter Notes:

Verse 3: In several places in the Quran, God uses the phrase “seven heavens.” In Arabic the word use, pronounced ‘sama,’ is a generic reference to that which is above you. Sometimes this is a reference to the layers of the atmosphere. In other places, it refers to what could be described as numerous dimensions. The entire visible universe is in the first ‘heaven.’ We are told that there are six other ‘heavens’ or dimensions filled with angels constantly praying to God and making a pilgrimage to a special house of worship in the seventh ‘heaven’. In addition and separate from this, God created Paradise which also has many levels of reward in it. In this verse, God draws our attention to the ‘seven heavens’ God created in layers one on top of the other. There are at least three correct ways of interpreting this verse: 1- It is a theme of the Quran to draw our attention to the atmosphere God created for our protection. From this perspective the verse could be understood, “(67:3) I created the atmosphere in layers offering you protection. Out of My mercy, I created nature balanced. Look again. Do you see any imperfection?” 2- The heavens could also refer to the layers of existence above us generally in the visible universe. In both of these options, the number ‘seven’ is likely used to mean ‘many’ rather than the exact number. It is acceptable in classical Arabic to use the number seven figuratively. 3- It is also possible that this verse is referring to the seven heavens / dimensions of existence which was the explanation used in the text above.

Verse 4: Nature is beautiful and perfectly designed to fulfill God’s purpose. Those who approach it with a humble heart and repeatedly study that which they don’t understand will see God’s reflection in His creation. Those who approach nature with arrogant hearts will see chance and confusion. God does not give them the blessing of seeing Him.

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