2-The Cow / Baqarah -Part 4:

(2:142) The dim-witted will argue and question, “Why did they change their direction of prayer from Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Kabbah?” Say, “To God belongs the East and the West, so He can order us to pray in any direction, and God guides those who are humble before Him to the straight path of submission.”

(2:143) By submitting to my commands, I developed you into the best people who stand for balance and justice in the land. I developed you so you would stand as witnesses against others on the Day of Resurrection, and my messenger will testify that you accepted and followed my guidance and revelation. I did not give you your previous prayer direction except to separate those would follow my messenger from those who would abandon my religion. This change will be very difficult and demanding except for those whom I blessed with insight and understanding. And don’t worry; you will not lose the reward for the prayers you performed previously. I am very kind, gentle, and continuously merciful with those who obey Me.

(2:144) Oh Muhammad, I see you looking up to the sky for this change to come regularly. So I am turning you to the prayer direction that will make you happy. So turn to The Sacred Mosque, and wherever you are, turn to the direction of the Kabbah when you pray to Me. Those who received some of my prior scripture knew this was coming, and I am aware of how they will be responding.

(2:145) Even if you brought them every proof as confirmation, they will not follow you, and you will not follow them, and they will not follow each other’s prayer direction. And you will be very unjust and sinful, if you cave in and follow their desires after receiving this information.

(2:146) Those who received some of my prior revelation recognized Muhammad as a messenger, just as they recognize their own children. Then a group of them hid the truth intentionally.

(2:147) I reveal the truth, so do not be with those whose hearts are filled with doubt and uncertainty.

(2:148) In life everyone goes in their own direction. So wherever you are, race to do good, and I will gather you all together on the Day of Resurrection. If anyone has doubt in this, remember that I can do anything.

(2:149) So wherever you go, turn in the direction of the sacred mosque praying. This is my command, and remember that I am aware of all you are doing.

(2:150) So wherever you go, turn in the direction of the sacred mosque when you are praying, and turn towards it when you pray no matter where you are living. Be consistent so that no one can have a valid argument against you. Be afraid of disobeying Me, instead of being worried about those who would make baseless arguments against you. Be consistent in obeying to follow the straight path to Me of submission, and to get the conclusion of this blessing I have for you in Heaven.

(2:151) You will get the completion of my blessing, just as I blessed you with a messenger from among you who is one of you, reciting my verses to you, showing you how to purify your hearts from sin, teaching you the meaning of my book and laws, and wisdom in their application, and teaching you knowledge you didn’t have before this revelation.

(2:152) So remember all that I have done for you with obedience, and I will think of you and give you forgiveness, and guidance. Be thankful in accepting and sharing my blessing, and do not be ungrateful or respond to my commands with rejection.

(2:153) Oh believers, as you face the difficulties of life turn to patience and prayer for support and protection. Always remember that I am with those who are patient,

(2:154) and do not say regarding those who are killed serving Me that they are dead. They are alive, but it is beyond your perception.

(2:155) I swear I will test you with some fear, and hunger, and the loss of property, life, and the fruits of your labor. So give the good news to those who are patient through a tragedy.

(2:156) When hit by a disaster, they say, “We belong to God completely, and to Him we will return to shortly.”

(2:157) They are the ones who have my forgiveness and mercy, and they are following the right path to come to Me.



(2:158) Then whoever makes a pilgrimage to the Kabbah for Hajj or Umrah should know that the hills of Saffa and Marwa are some of the symbols of my religion. So follow the footsteps of Abraham’s wife running and praying between them, and it will not affect you that idols were placed and removed from the hills since then. Whoever does more than what is required should know that I am thankful, and they should know that, from Me, nothing is hidden.     

(2:159) Those who conceal what I sent of evidence and guidance after I made it clear in my revelation, I and many others will curse them and they will be denied my mercy on the Day of Resurrection.  

(2:160) Except for those who repent, improve themselves, and teach what they concealed previously, I will accept their repentance because, to those who turn to Me, I quickly turn back to them with mercy.

(2:161) But those who reject my message intentionally, and die rejecting stubbornly, I curse them, and the angels curse them, and all of mankind will curse them on the Day of Judgment

(2:162) as they are thrown into Hell for eternity. Their punishment will not be reduced, and they will not be given another chance to repent indefinitely.

(2:163) I am your God the one and only. There is no god deserving of obedience and worship except Me. I am the one true God, and you live in the shade of my great and continuous mercy.

(2:164) In the creation of all that is above you and the earth below you, in the alternating night and day, and that ships can float in the ocean carrying goods for you, in the rain I send to bring life to the dead earth, and the scattering of all kinds of bugs and animals for you, in the blowing wind, and the clouds that carry water through the atmosphere for you, in all these things, for those who think and look, is evidence of a creator who takes good care of you.

(2:165) There are those who obey their leaders as equals to Me, and they love them as the believers love Me. Except the believer’s love for Me is stronger and more sincere. If only you could see those who are unjust to Me when they see their penalty, then you would know that I have all power, no equal, and my punishment is severe.

(2:166) Then the leaders will abandon their followers as they all see their punishment and all bonds between them are severed from fear.

(2:167) Then the followers will say, “If only we had another chance at life, we would abandon them as they have abandoned us here.” Then, just as I expose their leaders’ lack of loyalty, their hearts will fill with regret as they are shown the bad deeds they did for them obediently, but their regret will not save them from going to Hell for eternity.

(2:168) Oh mankind: eat, use, and earn your living in life from what is permissible, good, and healthy. Do not follow the devil’s footsteps as he is, to you, a clear enemy.

(2:169) All he ever tells you to do is harmful, or evil and ugly, and he tells you to make up claims about Me.

(2:170) When those who follow the devil are told to follow my guidance sincerely, they say we would rather follow what our parent and community did traditionally. Tell them, “They did not learn or understand God’s revelation, so how can you follow what was done ignorantly?”

(2:171) Those who stubbornly reject this message are like a flock of sheep that only hear calls, cries, and noise from the Sheppard’s warning. They are deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth, so they will not understand what you are saying.


Chapter Notes:

Verse 148: This verse can be interpreted more narrowly to mean, “Every group has its own direction when they turn to pray to Me, so race to the good of praying on time and early…”

Verse 164: This verse can be read in several different ways including, “…If only those who are unjust to Me would understand, when they see their punishment on the Day of Judgment they will know that I have all power, no equal, and my punishment is severe.”

Verse 168: If someone learns and understands God’s guidance, you can follow their understanding. If someone learns and has knowledge of God’s guidance, you can learn the knowledge and understand it for yourself. However, it doesn’t make sense to follow someone who lacks both knowledge and understanding of God’s guidance.  

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